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Fresh Elections in Kenya are Not an Emergency.

It is time we got real with this excuses. Getting real entails disagreeing with the tendency to blame social, economic and all other failures, both in policy and operational environment purely on electioneering. Strong policies and programs exist and run outside processes such as elections. A run off or even repeat of elections in totality is not a natural hazard in Kenya; it is contemplated in the constitution. Something that is well spelled in the national charter cannot possibly be claimed to be a disturbance. Nothing is outside the norm. In fact, the constitution even dictates the exact days when such processes as elections, possible run offs and repeat elections should take place. Good planning therefore, dictates that those in power create policy environment that effectively and sufficiently responds to such occurrences as they may be. The government of Kenya should not give excuses how on how elections are affecting the economy, disrupting social and other processes and polluting the environment. Elections are not pollution. This is a democratic process that is at the very heart of what we are and should be as a people. In as far as elections are the process through which the people exercise their sovereign power; they are the most important function of the people and essentially ahead of many other things. Elections cannot be secondary to secondary and primary school examination timetable. Indeed, planners of the examination timetables and entire school program should have adjusted their schedules to respond to and reflect such possibilities as election run offs and fresh polls because these are already a constitutional possibilities. Now, that government does not seem to have prepared for such; let us call it by its name. Failure. It is a spectacular failure by the government of Kenya. Let government own up. 
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