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Africa is not Immune to Good Political Happenings

But few nice things have recently happened. One of them is that George Weah (King George), the man with a story to tell became president of Liberia. His election means many good things. It ends decades and decades of political and ethnic exclusion in Liberia. The Mandingo people can finally feel that they too are a people and that they belong. There is dignity in that. And down South Mugabe went but then was replaced by similar same. Chiwenga claimed the military was impartial and professional but he is Vice President currently, no? Lies. Painful deceptions. But then, at least Bob went. God. Since before I was born Mugabe was President. 

How can't Zimbabweans celebrate the mere mention of another name as President? And then there was South Africa. The nearly man, one Cyril Ramaphosa ascended into the apex of the ANC, an inch closer to the Presidency. Ramaphosa is one of the few democratic leaders still alive in Africa today. I remember, in 2008 when Kibaki lost to Raila and refused to concede, Mr. Ramaphosa was here to help steer the talks between ODM and PNU but the PNU hauled him out of country. Kibaki is the same lineage as Uhuru; they have many things in common including loathing democracy. But now, yes, am happy for Mr. nearly man and indeed there is hope for South Africa after having to put up with the semi illiterate Zulu warrior as president for nearly a decade.
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