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I Want to Write about Liberian Syndrome

As I was co-authoring a chapter on the role of social media in Burundi's crisis (in publication), I started reflecting on something; something deeper and a little strange but very interesting. I thought - still do - it was (it is) a brilliant idea. Above all, original. So I started writing about it. It is slightly over a year now and I really love what this paper looks like and how it feels. I am yet to title it but it is about what I call "political jujutsu" Burundi is the case, Pierre Nkurunziza in particular. I can't wait to have some journal accept to publish it. The ones that will refuse (I guess many will), I will forgive them for failure to detect raw knowledge! And then I have been wondering what to write about this year. My paper on violent extremism has been half way complete. It has been that way for a while now (2 and half years). I have no intention of completing it soon; at least not this year. Let it remain half way done until it is radical enough. Here is the thing. My wandering has taken me to Liberia. May be because of George Weah. Or maybe because of the Mandingo. I don't know but I think I need to write something about Liberia. I am going to call it the "Liberian Syndrome". Sounds good? It does. Go!
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