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Self-determination is not Unpeaceful

Another wise fool (in the words of one of my professors) has decided that I call myself a peace builder yet I keep talking about "divisive things like separation". Hell know. Self-determination is an extensively theorised and widely practised ethnic conflict regulation. If you do not agree to live together and if your aspirations and/or means of attaining such be incompatible and irreconcilable you are better separate than fighting. And that, my friend, is pure peace building. You do not need to look far away. Remember Ethiopia and Eritrea and decades of war? They had to part ways and keep their peace. Above all, European nations are a result of separation after a century of dirty wars. If the rest of us in Kenya agree that we are tired of being ruled by Kikuyus and Kalenjins against our will and decide that instead of fighting and keeping on sowing seeds of hatred and disharmony let's separate and be good and peaceful neighbours, how is that unpeaceful?
Self-determination is not Unpeaceful Self-determination is not Unpeaceful Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on January 09, 2018 Rating: 5

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