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Uhuru Kenyatta has no Memory of Kenya

Haven't I always accused Uhuru Kenyatta of lack of Kenya's memory; he has no history of Kenyan politics because he - to a large extent - has not been part of it, just like his father was. The Kenyattas are a "con family" who rigged their names into the league of freedom fighters and have for more than half a century benefited from a deliberately skewed and erroneous history hence continuing to enjoy false honour. Mr. Kamau wa Ngengi was not a freedom fighter. All accounts of correct history of Kenya's freedom fighting seem to place Mr. wa Ngengi outside the struggle. And we must be very careful not to confuse his jailing with the process and struggle of freedom fighting. Freedom fighters were people like Field Marshal Dedan wa Kimathi, Koitalel Arap Samoeil, Ramogi Achieng Oneko, Mekatilili wa Menza etc. Actually, it is easy to agree with the colonial administrators that Kamau wa Ngengi was a "terrorist" at least based on his post-independence conduct.Or how else do you describe a man capable of things as nasty as delanding his own people? Hold on. Here is the thing Kenyatta II has claimed that "politicking during funerals is a recent thing." Please, add it to your list of things that justify that Uhuru Kenyatta does not know the history of Kenya. In fact, since before independence, funerals have been one of the major (at some point the ONLY) spaces for political mobilisation and messaging in Kenya. If it were not of funerals, Kenyans could not possibly engage in any politics during the state of emergency when all political activities were banned. Furthermore,funerals continued to be safe spaces for politics during the repressive Kenyatta I and Moi regimes stretching over 4 decades. Uhuru Kenyatta cannot possibly know this since he is a stranger to Kenyan history.
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