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Ethiopia's Abiy Ahmed Ali a Better Bet

Ethiopia new Prime Minister is a man of interest to me. There are many qualities that make this Abiy Ahmed Ali a good bet for Ethiopia. He is an Oromo, he is a son of a Muslim father and Christian mother, he is youthful, he has a history of and experience of closely interacting with the Oromia crisis, he has served in the military, he has served in the region, including as a peace keeper in Rwanda in the wake of the genocide, he understands regional dynamics and the regionalism of the Ethiopian conflict including its spillover having interacted with the Ethiopia-Eritrea conflict etc. And then part of his academic background is peace and security. I do not want to harbour very high expectations but he seems to embody many favourable qualities that can be exploited and deployed in the processes and efforts to address Ethiopia’s perennial political crisis.

Ethiopia's Abiy Ahmed Ali a Better Bet Ethiopia's Abiy Ahmed Ali a Better Bet Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on April 05, 2018 Rating: 5

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