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Raila Odinga and Kenya's Politics of Handshake

There is reason I have attempted steering clear of the current politics of handshake in Kenya. There is a history to political handshaking; most of it not pleasant. But. What is interesting about the Kenyn one is that the people who praised Raila Odinga for the first handshake were curiously not his supporters. More Jubilee than NASA (the one in ICU) praised Odinga for being a stateman and a great leader. I heard it even on Kameme radio! Reminds of 2002' Njamba. NASArites felt lost, abandoned and dejected. They went on to lament and curse. I simply said. This man Odinga, has done it again. Later, I castigated him and lamenting that he left the people at a time they needed him the most. I still believe in what I said. Majority of Kenyans were in support of NASA and Mr. Odinga; they were only waiting for Baba's signal on how to deal with despots. Change was looming. Tragically the only sign the people got was a handshake between Baba and the very man that the people wanted a signal on how to deal with. Now. There is undoubtedly growing concern over Odinga's frequent handshakes. Some people are openly frustrated and are starting to get worried. So, the question on the streets especially among Jubilee supporters these days is: "what is he up to?" And to this I say. I don't know. All I know is that Raila Odinga is the only enigma of Kenyan politics

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