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The Kenyan State is Violating Miguna Miguna's Fundamental Rights

So Matiang'i and his fellow lords of impunity are shamelessly defending their humiliating actions against Miguna Miguna and the blatant violations of Miguna Miguna's fundamental rights. Matiang'i says: "what we did was in compliance with the Immigration laws. No one is exempt. The Pope had his passport stamped on entry. President Obama had his passport stamped on entry. Even President Kenyatta had his passport stamped on entry last night on arrival from Mozambique." What Matiang'i is not saying is 1. why the Kenyan state deported Miguna Miguna in the first case and 2. why the Kenyan state defaced a Kenyan passport held by a Kenyan citizen. Miguna Miguna had an order in place compelling the state to facilitate his return to Kenya and produce him in the court of law. 

The same state that had defaced his Kenyan passport had to find ways to facilitate his entry. The state could not expect him to produce a Kenyan passport for stamping and yet the same entity had defaced the document. It is equally wrong to demand that he be issued with a tourist visa that among others prohibits him from political participation. Political participation in Kenya by citizens of Kenya (including Miguna Miguna) is a fundamental freedom, natural to citizens; not dished by the state to the people at will. However, much the Matiang'is want to twist the narrative, Miguna Miguna's rights and freedoms have been ruthlessly molested severally, and severely so, by the Kenyan state. All the people Matiang'i is mentioning here have their valid passports intact, Miguna Miguna does not, thanks to a state that does not agree with his political opinion hence out to persecute him for holding unpopular political views.

The Kenyan State is Violating Miguna Miguna's Fundamental Rights The Kenyan State is Violating Miguna Miguna's Fundamental Rights Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on April 03, 2018 Rating: 5

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