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Yes, God Loves Kenya but Let's Fix our Political Mess

Each election cycle, since the re-introduction of multi-party democracy, Kenya has peculiar ways of teasing, toying with and almost embracing fate. Elections are over and majority of Kenyans are behaving as if all is well. It is not. This is a fractured and deeply wounded ‘nation.’ The handshakes are just a sleeping tablet; majority will swallow and then enjoy the lull only to be shocked by what 2022 is preparing for us. I often hear people mention God. Somehow some believe and dare say “oh Mungu anapenda Kenya, he cannot allow it go down.” Well. God loved his only begotten son too. The same son who at some point hang on the tree! Let's be a little reasonable and attempt to offer solutions to the problems we face as a people. God will graciously and generously so bless us along the way. 

The starting point should be a reasoned conclusion that Kenya as currently constituted, is a good example of a successfully failed colonial experiment. We can't possibly continue this way and lead anywhere better. Now that elections are over, we should be thinking how to demolish, restructure and reconstitute the state. Let’s re-imagine a nation made up of nations and work to create structures that may put us on the path towards realising nationhood. It is not going to be an easy task. It requires a series of revolutions; revolutions that will snatch Kenya from in between the legs of villains that we call leaders and place it in the hands of visionary men and women who can inspire the masses to work for a collective cause and shared vision. Taking hawkers to Kigali to learn how one can trade and yet maintain cleanliness is not what Kenya needs. We have a traumatised lot; people have lost hope and people have no sense of national pride and common aspirations. It is not a pipe dream to imagine Kenya as a nation with a people striving for similar aspirations. We almost got there in 2002. We can do it again. Let’s go and talk about our past and start a journey of righting our historical wrongs.

Yes, God Loves Kenya but Let's Fix our Political Mess Yes, God Loves Kenya but Let's Fix our Political Mess Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on April 23, 2018 Rating: 5

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