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Elite Pacts will not foster Cohesion in Kenya

To millions of aggrieved Kenyans Mr. Kenyatta remains the same despotic ruler who literally trampled upon the dead to illegitimately retain state power against the will of the majority. His (s)election was irregular and illegitimate. He is simply busy bargaining for some sort of legitimacy and sanitisation of his unpopular rulership through pure elite pacts. Unfortunately, such pacts are too high up in the JP Lederach's triangle of conflict transformation and peace building. Unless he has a strategy to cascade this to the base of the triangle where the populace resides, it is all futile. In all civilisations and religions people who commit sins and crimes are known to be forgiven after they call those crimes and sins by names, return what they took in case of theft. In fact, most of the time such people are subjected to atonement of various forms before they are forgiven. What exactly was Uhuru asking forgiveness for? Reasonable Kenyans are tired of theatrics. If Mr. Uhuru wants reconciliation, let him start doing a series of right things. He should call his sins by name; he should go into the Bomas process and start work on restructuring the state; grab Ndung’u report on illegal and irregular land allocation and implement its recommendations; go and implement agenda four of the 2008 National Dialogue and Reconciliation Accord; start a conversation on the 2013 TJRC report etc. If he cannot do any, some or all of these things, let him simply resign and let Kenyans decide how they wish to organise the state.

Elite Pacts will not foster Cohesion in Kenya Elite Pacts will not foster Cohesion in Kenya Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on May 03, 2018 Rating: 5

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