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Kenya Needed a Revolution not a Handshake

Still stuck in 2017 elections. Raila Odinga had the people and Uhuru Kenyatta had the corrupt state machine. Uhuru had started killing Kenyans but Kenyans who supported Raila Odinga were too many for Uhuru to kill. The Kenyan state does not have sufficient bullets to kill the millions of Kenyans who had rejected him in an election. Uhuru was staring at fate and the people were ready to take on the state and eat it raw and whole. Raila should have done only one thing. Call his supporters out in their numbers to go get power back from Uhuru. 

Hear you people and heed my word if I told it to you that one week of 2 million people at Uhuru park was enough to bring the regime down. After which conscientious Kenyans (hardly Jubilee supporters are anyway because we suffer together in the mess that Jubilee has created) would reorganise the state and put in the path of recovery and reform. Instead of doing this, Raila was twisted into some vague handshake whose import is dubious. I am a peace builder. Trust me if I told you that a well-managed revolution and not an elite pact through a hand shake had a change to give Kenya stability and peace. Forget this crap about building bridges. The best result that can be from the so called is negative peace (absence of overt violence) but in reality, average Kenyans in their millions feel robbed and assaulted to the core and are hurting and bleeding inside. Now that is not what I was taught peace is.

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