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Kenya's Budget is for the Rich

Get your facts right and you will detect lies throughout the lines of your government's budget proposals. Many people think Mr. Kenyatta is interested in achieving something for Kenya and Kenyans. I think otherwise. Here are few indications that Uhuru's priorities are inverted and his so called "big four agenda" is mere rhetoric. The government will continue spending approx 47% of all revenues on repaying debts. Average of 30% of the total budget will go to a clique of political and economic elites through state banditism christened corruption. That leaves Kenya with just about 22% of total budget for operations and development. But wait a minute even the 22℅ is not any safe. Let's see where money is allocated. While Mr. Kenyatta keeps singing about the "big four" budget lines scream otherwise. For example, government will spend more money on the Office of the President than it is on Free Primary Healthcare. Equally the state is set to spend twice as much on tax breaks for corporates as it is on Free Primary Education. In the words of the Fight Inequality Alliance in Kenya: "this is the Budget of the Rich." Period.

Kenya's Budget is for the Rich Kenya's Budget is for the Rich Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on June 20, 2018 Rating: 5

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