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Kenya's Tragedy is Failure to Respect Knowledge

Kenya is entangled in succession politics; this is perhaps the worst part of the game of politics as we know it. Succession politics not only shapes, models and designs nations; it also breaks them. Long time ago Max Weber taught us that "when a polity solves the conundrum of succession only then will it become a modern state."I listened to professors Edward Kisiangani and Herman Manyora last night. They spoke of many interesting things and one of them is that Prof. Kisiangani argued that the problem we have is that we do not respect knowledge. Yes. We do not respect knowledge. All fine scholars (I know of) categorically warned against the Kenyatta-Ruto alliance way back in 2012-13. The succession politics has finally met the duopoly's dubious alliance that is devoid of any known ideology and that is stemmed on blood. Fellow compatriots; the Jubilee break up will be noisy and messy. Causalities will happen and our polity will bear the blunt. Respect knowledge.

Kenya's Tragedy is Failure to Respect Knowledge Kenya's Tragedy is Failure to Respect Knowledge Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on July 20, 2018 Rating: 5

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