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Why the Jubilee Party of Kenya is a Thoroughgoing Flaw

There is something fundamentally wrong about the Jubilee Party of Kenya. Both at the institutional (party structure and its vision) and in the manner in which, as government, Jubilee is managing public affairs. Jubilee does not come along as a strong democratic institution. It does not even project any attempt in taking that direction. I have not forgotten that during its manifesto launch sometimes last year, Jubilee invited the Communist Party of China. This speaks a lot about what Jubilee stands for and its aspirations as a party. To be like the Communist Party of China, may be? Every time you hear the Jubilants speak about democracy, be wary. They could be peddling untruths if they are not lying. Jubilee is not democratic; it has never been; never aspired to be. Jubilee is not about democracy. The party does not believe in democracy. Jubilee has a very poor record when it comes to upholding human rights. The party and its adherents do not work towards upholding the rule of  law. It does not respect fundamental human rights, and has been suffocating the Civic space ever since it came into power in 2013. 

Secondly, Jubilee's conception and management of Kenyan's economy is extremely flawed. Every renowned Economist seems to question Jubilee's approach to improving Kenya's economic outlook and the livelihood of the people of Kenya individually and collectively. The truth is that Jubilee has messed Kenya's economy big time and does not seem to have any known means to getting this country out of the economic ditch. We had easier options in 2017; we squandered the opportunity of ridding ourselves of the Jubilee plague. We didn't. Now our options are a little harder. We either suffer under Jubilee or revolt. The latter is unlikely since the only other man who could do it has since "given up."  

Why the Jubilee Party of Kenya is a Thoroughgoing Flaw Why the Jubilee Party of Kenya is a Thoroughgoing Flaw Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on September 15, 2018 Rating: 5

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