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A New World Order Beckons

Westphalia was good enough. Its products (nation states) have served us for 370 years. They have now outlived their usefulness. It is time to drop the nation-state and move on to something else; something more interesting and thrilling maybe. War was one of the reasons for the creation of the nation-state, no? Or were nations not meant to bring about peace (the reason we also talk of the Peace of Westphalia)? Have they? It will all depend who chooses to answer this question. To some, the world is now very peaceful, yet to others we are far from peace perhaps further than we were then. Haven't we learned better ways we can fight wars and keep peace, beyond the state, anyway?! So why cling to the state?

Here is the thing; partition is a lazy way of resolving conflicts. Humanity must learn to peacefully coexist. We cannot learn peace by separating every moment we disagree. We cannot learn this “simple calling” if and when divided and then condemned into eternal geographical cocoons. We must break open this cocoons called nations and with that will come true liberation for humanity. Long time ago Jean Jacques Rousseau may had taught us that we are born free but everywhere chained. I don't know what (other than religion), is the highest entity that holds humanity captive as the Westphalian nation-state.

We, now more than ever, need a better way to organize the netzen, don’t we? A nation is too small for an evolving citizen of the world. We need to breathe fresh air; nations are suffocating us! It is certainly already time bad for nationalists. Someone tell them that we have ears but we just don't want to hear what they are saying, neither do we want to see what they are doing although we can see. Humanity needs and craves justice, freedom; liberation. We simply need our life back. The more reason the Trumps and Brexiteers of this world are either not reading anything at all or are reading the here/now history wrongly (tragically so). No human being in their right mind want to be confined within the geographical space of a thing called a nation-state! The world is ready for a new order. I don’t know what it will be; I can’t tell if it will be better or worse (depends how and who will fashion it, why and when), but it looks like it will be an interesting reality, way too far from the nation-state as we know it.

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