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Blue Economy is Uhuru Kenyatta's Next Theft Frontier

Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta is undoubtedly one of the wealthiest Africans living today. But he is part of a flawed system. One that does not believe in wealth creation through right economics such as innovative means.  He is a son of a man whose most known avenues to riches was exploitation of natural resources – chief among them land – and state plunder. That man is Johnston Kamau wa Ngengi, aka Kenyatta Jomo. Uhuru, after capturing the state did not do anything better than devising better means of doing what his father did. Plunder and loot Kenya dry. Uhuru’s economics have been criticized and his love for quick money is unrivaled. Kenya today is in the league of the countries that are most indebted, especially to China. China is known to provide “easy” money. Easy in the sense of quick and immediate money. Uhuru loves quick money just like his father did. It does not take a lot of pain to grab land as it would to imagine a system of governance that creates room for innovation and diversification of incomes. The former is easier and straightforward and the latter is more difficult, more technical, more time consuming. The quick money mentality does not leave room in Kenyatta’s empty mind to imagine a better Kenya where opportunities for innovation and slow, painful, sustainable wealth creation process are birthed and implemented.

Uhuru Kenyatta is leading one of the most thieving governments in Kenya’s history. There is not language better understood by Uhuru’s corrupt and inept regime as borrowing (to steal) and thoughtless exploitation of natural resources. Quick money it is. They have blundered everything on land and now, led by Uhuru, they have turned their eyes to the seas. So they are now singing blue economy. Here you people. Blue economy is one of those lazy economics. It is not going to better lives of ordinary folk. If anything, this is a new front of natural resource plunder.

Uhuru’s new found love for the so called blue economy is not because he now so cares about the peasants. In fact, the reverse is the case. Blue economy is one of those lucrative mega trade ventures that typically exclusively benefit the bourgeoisie. Here is the thing. You simply want to go into the deep seas, harvest huge amounts of fish, prepare your catch right in the sea, package and export the fish products. Period.

Obviously, this is a venture that requires huge sums money given the equipment and expertise yet generally it has no direct benefit to the peasant since less manpower is required and the less that is required will be procured from international market (which must be the one domesticating it you know) meaning financial flight as usual. Two, peasants do not own the kind of machinery needed such as the factory ships neither do peasants know how to operate them. Furthermore peasants are assumed to be generally unteachable hence incapable of being trained to acquire the skill to do this, no? I hope you have not forgotten that recently the spokesman of your government was on a TV that you pay (probably to the Chinese - you know set top boxes?) to watch defending Chinese racism experienced by Kenyans working at the stinky Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) on account that Kenyans are lazy and when Chinese teach them they (Kenyans) start complaining and calling that racism and discrimination.

So. Here is the thing. If Uhuru is enthusiastic about the blue economy, probably that is one of the destinations he wants to head to when he retires in 2022. The rich kid he is, having become president just like his dad, and having looted Kenya maybe better than his father did, what would prevent him from deploying few trawlers to the high seas to mint few more billions in retirement just as he engages in periodic patrols on expensive yachts? Nothing. Hear you Kenyans, blue economy is not about you.

Blue Economy is Uhuru Kenyatta's Next Theft Frontier Blue Economy is Uhuru Kenyatta's Next Theft Frontier Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on November 20, 2018 Rating: 5

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