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How Museveni Rigged the 2016 Elections in Uganda

Just remembered Uganda's so called elections in 2016. This thing called election though. Was that an election or something else. Let's sanitize it a little bit and called it a rigged election. The assumption here is that there was some kind of election. In 2016 we had a good one in Uganda. So dictator Museveni who has turned Uganda into a fiefdom for over 3 decades rigged so openly in 2015 and got away with it just like that. We have not forgotten that in Kiruhura which is National Resistance Movement's (NRM) home turf Museveni there was 100% voter turnout. It did not end at that. Museveni got all the votes. This sounds like a possibility when you listen to radio watch the TV or read a newspaper in passing. But in reality, there is no possibility of ever having a 100% turnout. Technically t could mean things like no one ever died in Kiruhura between the time Ugandans registered as voters and the actual time of casting the vote. Two, it means that none of the voters was sick or elderly or had any impediment to prevent them from casting their ballot. Three, it means that no single vote was ever spoiled in Kiruhura while, in fact, this is one of the districts with very high levels of illiteracy and there are standing studies that demonstrate the correlation between illiteracy and commitment of errors during voting leading to vote rejection. Just like that Kiruhura district became top in the world for most efficient voting. But hold on. There is another trouble. Nobody in Kiruhura ever voted for the other candidates, including known opposition party agents from the region. For some reason they all changed their mind during Election Day and cast their votes for Museveni. The good thing is that the voting is by "secret ballot" so we may never really get to know who voted for which candidate other than in Kiruhura district where we know for a “fact” that everybody voted for Museveni. 

But this is just one case. There were many more. In the same elections ballots were late in several parts of the country. Curiously though is that those areas that experienced lateness in delivery of election materials are perceived to be opposition strongholds. The same opposition ran with its hands tied in its back. Dr. Kizza Besyge was arrested several times before during and after those things that looked like elections in Uganda, remember? But even with the arrests, didn't the Chair of the Election Commission - who as the referee should, at least in theory, be impartial - declare that the opposition candidate was not a "presidential material? We heard that as well, no? And then who remembers with me that the Chair of NRM, the one and only Justine Lumumba had come out to warn Ugandan that the state will shoot and kill their sons if they dared come out to protest the outcome of an election? Etc etc So, so, that too was an election in an African country and just like that billions of shillings of poor Ugandans were expended on the same theater!

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