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Is the West Really Advancing Democracy in Africa?

The African version of (neo-)liberation regimes which appeared in the leadership that immediately followed independence leaders were dominated by former insurgents inspired by Marxism–Leninism with some claims of Pan-Africanism. Most if not all of them seized power by overthrowing their predecessors, thanks to the Cold War and the West/East divide, they always got support from either of the super powers now that proxy wars were fashion anyway. Africa's international relations during this period were framed not only within the politics of the Cold War but also the contestations of status quoism as well as preservation of the Western hegemony especially in the 80s. for both strategic and ideological reasons, the West particularly, looked away and/or supported situations where insurgents fought home governments from foreign (often neighboring countries). Examples are there in abundance. They include Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (EPLF), the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), Uganda’s National Resistance Army/Movement (NRA/M) and the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) all of which pursued regime change outside their borders throughout the 80s up until the 90s. This thing about sovereignty and non-interference was always a nice thing to say or at least, it did not matter in Africa. In fact, after most of these insurgent groups overthrew legitimate governments in their countries, the West quickly declared that Africa was experiencing a new crop of leadership," What all these new leaders had/have in common is that they all became dictators. But even after mutating into outright dictators still the West is transacting with Museveni, Kagame etc even with full knowledge that Museveni is actively meddling in the Sudan just as him and Kagame are meddling in Democratic Republic of Congo etc .Before someone tells you nice stories about how the West has been advancing democracy in Africa, be skeptical and cautious. It is all about what America and its allies want not about democratisation in Africa or anywhere for that matter. Don't they transact with pure authoritarians in Azerbaijan or Saudi Arabia anyway?

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