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Uhuru Kenyatta and the Politics of Fish – Part II

So Uhuru Kenyatta wakes up one morning, in the month that just ended, and walks to Strathmore University from where he bans importation of fish. Which I found really stupid. Not because of who imports/exports fish but because of the simple fact that Kenyans must just eat fish and there is a huge deficit as at now hence to plug the shortage fish importation is inevitable. That aside. Apparently, China went on to threaten Kenya with some sanctions or something? Because it is a major player in the Kenyan fish import/export market anyway. Never mind that China is fishing on, among others, the Kenyan waters off the Indian Ocean. So Mr. Kenyatta who is apparently packing his suitcase to go for yet another begging spree in China where he will be seeking more Chinese loans for his famous altar of grand theft - the Standard Guage Railway (SGR) suddenly realizes he made a mistake that afternoon at Strathmore. He quickly backpedals and hastily puts his fish import ban into a halt to "allow for further consultations between the two governments."

Uhuru Kenyatta and the Politics of Fish – Part II Uhuru Kenyatta and the Politics of Fish – Part II Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on November 05, 2018 Rating: 5

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