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Uhuru Kenyatta, not School Boys, should meet State Wrath

Well, Kenya has a really interesting character as its President. Very interesting indeed. Especially, if and when high. So these days the President of the Republic of Kenya (PORK) has turned the security apparatus to haunting down and “teaching a lesson” to some teenagers who have become some sort of a "national security threat". Those boys may have been captured on camera insulting government Ministers. One of the big insults, I hear, is that they called the Cabinet Secretary for education, the honorable Amina Mohamed, “malaya” (prostitute). This was so bad an abuse tantamount to a national security threat that the President had to personally intervene to ensure and assure the security and safety of Kenyans and their property.

In fact, we do have more pressing matters of national interest including very serious security threats such as the kidnapping of an aid worker by Al Shabaab that the President should be more concerned with and briefing the nation about as opposed to being too bothered by and preoccupied with some misbehaving adolescent boys who actually can be sufficiently disciplined by a village elder in the unlikely event that their teachers and parents fail do so. Pettiness is one of the reasons I have a problem with Uhuru Kenyatta.

By the way, if government of Kenya finds it necessary to descend, including with the full force of the presidency, on some unruly village teenagers who insult the Ministers what about unruly informed adults who insult the Chief Justice? Between adolescents who call the Minister a prostitute and Uhuru Kenyatta who calls Supreme Court judges “wakora” who is the actual criminal? Shouldn’t Uhuru be the guy to be “taught discipline”? It appears to me that a President who is capable of telling this to a citizen; a bereaved parent, whose child is a victim of security lapses that he (president) is principally sworn in to guarantee is not only an undisciplined, spoiled chap but actually a cruel person who is unfit to hold such a high office and one that, for that matter belongs where discipline is instilled on mortals like him.

And then, it appears that it is only in Kenya where teenagers are taught discipline by a President who tells the parents of a girl who has been raped that “your security starts with you” or who tells a nation whose funds have been plundered “mnataka nifanye nin jamani” (folks, what do you want me to do)?! And so, who between Uhuru and those boys actually need nationally-focused discipline? Uhuru is the answer.

Uhuru Kenyatta, not School Boys, should meet State Wrath Uhuru Kenyatta, not School Boys, should meet State Wrath Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on November 26, 2018 Rating: 5

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