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Edgar Lungu is just another Counterfeit Democrat

Believe me if I tell you that Edgar Lungu is a clever African counterfeit democrat. Here is the thing. Mr Lungu came into power through a by-election following the death of Michael Sata in office. In Lungu's argument, the term that he served after winning in that by-election was not a full term hence it should not count. He, like Pierre Nkurunziza of Burundi, who argued that the transitional term was not a full term, went on to seek the court's interpretation of the matter. And like Yoweri Museveni or any other despot, he went on to appear to follow the constitutional path and adhere to the rule of law. Yes. Appear to. From Angola to Algeria to Chad to Burundi to Uganda, to Benin to Congo-Brazzaville to the ever postponement of an election in DRC, this is a popular thing in Africa. It only appears to have gone very wrong in Bukina Faso. Blaise Compaoré did not make it. May be the ghosts of Thomas Sankara came back to haunt him as he attempted to overstay his term. But the trick has worked pretty well in other parts of the continent. Remember when Paul Kagame sponsored throngs of delegates to Kigali to request him to stay on a little longer? He later claimed he was tied by the Constitution and so if the people so wished him to stay then they needed to initiate the process of amending the Constitution which the people did, no? And so the referendum was called and 98% of the Rwandan people voted to amend the Constitution effectively allowing Mr. Kagame to rule Rwanda until such a time he will be tired (at least until 2034). Scholars of populism will define the people for us. I have never quite figured out the definition of the people really. It remains a riddle. For example, every time Kenyatta Uhuru talks about "our people" or the "people of Kenya" etc, I always wonder if I am counted or not. Back to Zambia. So. Mr. Lungu went to court to seek the Supreme court's interpretation of his matter and you see the court has ruled in his favor and so Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu the son of Ndola is headed to the ballot box to contest in an election that he will organise and one that he will win because he must win. So here is what Lungu is not saying. That actually he was the Principal presiding judge in this matter. He only made the prayers from the bar and walked straight to the bench and made the determination effectively granting his own wish to himself through himself by himself. This is not like those Christian mysteries where God gives birth to himself. No. This is human political cum legal calculations. Simple. Lungu appointed all the members of the bench who heard and determined his case and so they went on to rule as he wanted them to. They did not disappoint. They sat on the bench and unanimously granted the president's (no, the Principal judge's) prayer before the 'Honorable' court of law.

Edgar Lungu is just another Counterfeit Democrat Edgar Lungu is just another Counterfeit Democrat Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on December 24, 2018 Rating: 5

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