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No Military Solution to the Crisis in Syria

So the US has said it is withdrawing its troops from Syria, obviously, after a failed mission. People have spoken, written etc about this whole thing then as usual tied it to Trumpism (or is it Donaldtrumpi).The so called allies are apparently worried that this is happening because of Trump’s America first policy. And, so from South Korea to Japan to the NATO bureaucrats appear to be worried about the future of military collaborations with Washington. That Trump is the problem has become the easy way of explaining contemporary complex issues of international politics. But if we can separate political rhetoric and emotional reactions from military strategy a little bit then we got to wonder what exactly the US and allies' forces long term objective in Syria is, after all, and whether it is achievable, how and when? America and allies have been in Afghanistan since when I started knowing few things here and there about international politics. Their aim was to crush Taliban, no? I bet with my poor soul, Taliban is as alive today as it was many years ago. On the contrary, bombing them out of Torabora Mountains only helped scatter and spread them beyond Afghanistan and then it became impossible to contain them. Leave alone the remnants that have now emerged in different formations of radical Islamist terror groups way beyond Afghanistan and the middle East. Who in their right mind sees the US and allies as having a different, better and winning military strategy in Syria?

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