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To Some People Africa is Still a Country

Standing at 242,495 km², the UK is only nearly the size of one province in Kenya e.g. the Rift Valley province which stands at 182,505 km². At 945,087 km², Tanzania is nearly three times the size of Germany. At 2.345 million km² the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is nearly the size of Western Europe. And, then the diversity of people, their languages, cultures, histories and philosophies and civilizations. Kenya alone is home to 3 distinct indigenous races. Yes, races not tribes. The Bantu and the Cushitic and the Nilotic tribes do not have even one known shared word in their languages leave a lone their diverse world views and lifestyles. With well over 3,000 known distinct ethnic groups (well, actual nations) and over, 2,000 official distinct languages, Africa is home to 20 of the world's most diverse countries. Now you know why Hegel and his disciples were simply intellectually lazy. And then you heard Huntington proclaim that Africa is too diverse to have a civilization. Wow! Why was he looking for a single African civilization in the first place?! Having acknowledged the diversity of Africa one would have expected him to logically move towards a conclusion indicating a multiplicity of civilizations. He didn't. He chose the easier and lazy way to draw a conclusion that can't be cogent. That is intellectual laziness. But, how many people have chosen this kind of flawed login? Millions. So when people travel to Europe they will easily, rightly so, name a country in Europe they are traveling to e.g. Germany or France or Norway. They do the same for Asia; so people go to India and Pakistan, and even to Nepal and so on. They do it for Latin America too; so they go to Brazil or Jamaica etc. But, when someone travels to Uganda, they will easily speak of traveling to Africa. Someone ever noticed that?! Yes, it is because #AfricaisaCountry

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