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Why I am not too ambitious after all

…so if I were a teenager living in the world as it is today I would probably be a little more ambitious. Try pursuing something bigger like being the biggest body builder from my home market town of Motonto or keeping a lion for a pet. Or even a bigger dream; as daring as overthrowing a government of an African nation (any really) before age 30 and becoming a fully functional dictator by 33 so as to rule by iron those who cannot be ruled by law and justice. I don't mean to tell young people to become dictators or else I will be accused of poisoning young peoples’ minds and be fed hemlock to death like Socrates of Athens. But, you see now I am a good man (I don't care what anyone thinks that is) and all I tell people these days is to try live a little bit more ‘peacefully’, a little more humanely or stuff like that. And you see these days I fantasize about the possibility not only of a world without dictators but also something as fancy as a total and complete abolition of war. My bubble flies back to pre-1919. Click refresh and wait. Loading...

Why I am not too ambitious after all Why I am not  too ambitious after all Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on December 31, 2018 Rating: 5

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