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Yes, Aid is Dead!

From narrations on how aid dies before it is flown and shipped in, to a very compelling case on the need to end aid to Africa, Dambisa Moyo has been quite consistent in her criticisms of the aid industry. To a very high extent, I agree with my Zambian sister (a great economist). Having worked in aid (nonprofit sector) well, I do have reasons to believe aid will never move Africans out of the “African problem.” Good governance; better and effective management of public affairs will. Aid is necessary and good to the extent that it is humanitarian assistance, in which case it applies anywhere anytime. Development aid, on the other hand, is only helpful, in my view, to the extent that few Africans will be employed in aid agencies, of course, not at top carder but at a certain “known and respected level” based on unannounced rule. When I dwelt in that space, I recall very well that whenever jobs could be advertised we used to jokingly talk about which ones belonged to locals and which ones for our “expatriate” colleagues. And there was a phrase that you had to grow used to: “money must be accompanied.” A lot of expatriates, with the exception of a few, actually quite literally did/do accompany money.

Here is the thing, beyond the few employment opportunities that some Africans benefit from this industry, development aid is, in the words of Dr. Moyo, dead. We, the peoples of Africa must decide if we want to keep on “kumenya muhogo uliofunda” (peeling a rotten cassava) - as depicted in Said Ahmed Mohamed’s play, “Amezidi” or we are going to rise and report to work. Ending mediocrity in management of public affairs is our job and indeed our urgent calling. We got a choice folks: we either do it or perish. If we want to do it, there is urgency. We got to do this now.

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