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You want to be Rich? Postpone your Happiness

So I spent some time this weekend reading weird things e.g. on how to become rich. I must have learned something like if you want to become a rich person then you must learn to do things that don't make you happy today so that you can do things that will make you happy later. Simply, learn to postpone pleasure or something like that. For example, you need to learn to save money other than spending it or otherwise exercise what they are calling spending sparingly etc. Whatever that is. Spending makes you happy, no? You may need to choose between enjoying that bottle of beer with friends today or saving that money for a tomorrow which you are almost entirely not in control of but if that tomorrow comes and you had saved then you will be better off and perhaps happier then because you will have become richer. You will tell me how this is different from gambling! Game of life. Saving and its cousins like investments are gambles. Most often, if not always, all that rich people do is simply getting to know the right time to buy and sell. Ask your shares broker. Thing is. You gotta gamble your way to riches. If you think I am lying, go purchase a cow in view of being a milk producer or keep some chicken in view of being a seller of eggs in the near future. The beauty is that you will get the privilege of drinking milk and eating eggs from your own farm. But wait, that is only if you don't want to be rich. If you want to be rich you sell all the milk and the eggs and save the money. Your biggest gamble is the hope that a chick will grow into a chicken and a calf into a cow. The risk associated with your big gamble will take you straight to someone selling insurance policy who's existence is not only a gamble that people will be so scared of risks as to purchase policies but that actually chicks and calves will grow into chickens and cows without dying or suffering something something so as no claims will happen. Etc etc

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