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Kagame is a Despot Behind the Veil of a Genocide

Here is the thing; Rwanda’s Paul Kagame is simply a despot just as any other African and/or world despots. In my life time (since my world was created that is), I have only met one Rwandese Tutsi man who agreed with me that Rwanda is a going problem. Otherwise majority of Rwandan men and women have been captured, brainwashed and they sing the Kagame praises like a chorus. One of the best ways that Kagame has used to entrench his autocracy without any much criticism is using the genocide. He knows how emotive that tragic occurrence was. For a tiny country as Rwanda to lose well over a million of its people in a span of just about 100 days, starting April 1994 was horrendous. But, you see Kagame Paul is not the savior of Rwanda as he has since packaged himself. If anything, the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) under Kagame equally committed genocide in Rwnda; in fact two of them.

Unless we want to compete against history (which we are sure to lose) then we must agree that RPF, with the support from Uganda – Museveni’s National Restitance Army/Movement (NRA/M) that had just captured Kampala few years earlier – committed a lot of atrocities especially along the Rwanda-Uganda borderlands where they invaded many Tutsi villages, killed, maimed, tortured and pillaged. The tactic was simple and it certainly paid off. Since RPF was a Tutsi militia, committing such odious crimes was a good strategy since they then turned around and accused the genocidal Hutu regime and so attracted international sympathy and support. So, the first genocide that the RPF was engaged in is the first (official one) in which they took part in the very acts that the wicked Hutu regime was engaged in. The second genocide is the revenge killing after the capture of Kigali. It is out there that, led by RPF, many Hutus were murdered upon the defeat of the Hutu regime. Those who were killed were, many of them innocent people who, like many Tutsis, died because of their identity. There cannot be two ways about it is we are to grant that life is simply that, life.

Today, nobody in Rwanda questions Kagame and walks free; he has put nearly everybody under lock and key and he rules Rwanda the way he chooses how and until when he will be tired and obviously he will impose his son or daughter as next ruler. Rwanda is not a shining gem. Apart from clean towns and a militaristic government that forces the populace to tore the line, millions of Rwandese are languishing in poverty and many are thronging neighboring countries in search of opportunities. You can go to Kampala and Nairobi and conduct a head count of Rwandese. An average Rwandan young man or woman in Rwanda is a hopeless person only reduced to singing the praises of Kagame. They have no opportunities; no means of making a living. Meanwhile, everybody who cares to know should be aware that Kagame has a taste for luxury; his son and daughter are living large in the US. The luxuries that Kagame’s son and daughter often display cannot be out of some hard earned money; it is state money, it is money belonging to millions of poor Rwandan people working so hard to make ends meet in the hilly country in our region. How Kagame is different, for example, from Equatorial Guinea’s, Teodoro Obiang Nguema who appointed his son as Vice President or Angola’s José Eduardo dos Santos who decided to have a sizable amount of his country's money managed by his daughter, I am yet to be educated.

Kagame is a Despot Behind the Veil of a Genocide Kagame is a Despot Behind the Veil of a Genocide Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on January 08, 2019 Rating: 5

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