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Kumira Kumira was the Real Ushenzi

I have been trying to find out the actual translation of the world ‘mshenzi’ not yet fully successful. But being clearly distinct from mjinga (a stupid person) and mpumbavu (a fool), mshenzi comes across as being closer to idiot. If this is granted then ushenzi will be idiocy and mshenzi is an idiot. Now, this is the word that Uhuru may have used to refer to some unspecified people whom he told to leave him alone. However, now that some people have responded (Moses Kuria and Kimani Ngunjiri in particular) it would then appear that Mr. Kenyatta may have insulted them as washenzi (idiots).

The two are members of parliament both from his party and community. The online narrative has since shifted as many members of the Agikuyu community now seem to suggest Uhuru has neglected them and now he is even insulting them by calling them washenzi (idiots). This is despite the fact that they voted for him overwhelmingly. It is not false that the Kikuyu overwhelmingly voted for Uhuru. Neither is it false that their MPs vigorously campaigned for Mr. Kenyatta. Who has forgotten ‘kumira kumira’; ‘kazi iendendee’ ‘Uhuruto tano tena’ etc? I haven’t.

If I do recall well, the same MPs argued that Uhuru deserved tano tena for his good development record etc. The same MPs went on to start the premature 2022 election politics immediately after the controversial 2017 elections in which Uhuru actually ran against himself and even rigged to stay in power. Of course, the very same MPs mobilized their Mt. Kenya support base and indeed many people from central Kenya heed their message and went on to participate in that charade, to which many of us kept off. Up until that point there was nothing wrong and Uhuru was such a great man; their darling, their man; kanwana whose development record spoke for itself. Voices from other parts of Kenya were heard loud and clear; many Kenyans started ridiculing what later came to be known as Uthamaki (Agikuyu kingship) and Uhuru's swearing in was largely viewed as a coronation ritual of a muthamaki (Agikuyu king). Other than the Kalenjin with whom they have been ‘friends’ until now, the rest of Kenya pretty much kept off those rituals.Those MPs were still very much OK and people like Moses Kuria were extremely elated about the goings on, after all uthamaki was intact. They never saw anything wrong at all with Uhuru then. Now, they are outing Uhuru apparently for non-development in their region. Well. You can make your own judgement. But here is the thing, if you voted someone for President for the simple reason that he is your tribesman, you may no good reason to be upset by this ‘washenzi’ thing, for the simple reason that you could actually qualify as one. But also if you have a President who engages in insulting the people who disagree with him, his character and what he is doing may not be far from the very same word. Ushenzi.

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