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Medocrity and not Conflict is the Reason for Africa's Problem

It is very much flawed to advance an argument that African nations are performing poorly because of conflicts. If such a premise were to hold then many countries in Latin America, Asia, and even parts of Europe should equally be poor. Look at countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, Lao and so on. These states have emerged out of conflict and are transforming fast. Just as I have been persuading people to abandon colonial legacy as the justification for the economic backwardness in Africa, I am equally pleading with those who want to listen, to kindly abandon conflict as the reason. We do have a huge crisis with governance and leadership, It would appear to me that many African states are still under repressive rulership of people who attained power through dictatorial dynastic lineages and militaristic maneuvers that were largely devoid of progressive ideology. In most of Africa, the people who have exhibited the ability to rule have never become leaders or were killed as soon as they embarked on their transformative agendas. And on the contrary, majority of those who are ruling do not exhibit any tendencies towards strong progressive ideological imagination that can place their nations on the path to emancipation and economic growth. If there is neocolonialism and the West or China or anyone else is manipulating African leaders and continuing with the plunder that we see across Africa it is because of weak leadership, not because of historical colonialism or conflict. Mediocrity in management of public affairs in Africa is the major reason for the so called African problem. Look at this fool called Ali Bongo who became president because his dad was President; he has been sick and away since October last year and yet insisting in staying in power and running his country from a sick bed in a foreign country; so has Muhammadu Buhari been running Nigeria through remote control. Only fools fail to understand the right time to do the right thing, including handing over power to more able humans.

Medocrity and not Conflict is the Reason for Africa's Problem Medocrity and not Conflict is the Reason for Africa's Problem Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on January 10, 2019 Rating: 5

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