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The Handshake Augmented Kenyatta's Inept and Corrupt Regime

So today a section of opposition politicians (that is if there is anything like opposition in Kenya) gathered at a funeral and declared that they will ‘defend the presidency at whatever cost.’ That was more annoying that amusing especially coming from the very individuals who until recently told the people stories of many bad things about Uhuru Kenyatta’s presidency to which some of us agreed. Uhuru Kenyatta cannot be inept until he appears to be in support of Raila Odinga's 2022 presidential bid. With or without the famous handshake, Uhuru’s government remains one of the most inept and corrupt since independence. He is a dictator like his father, he is kleptocratic like Moi, he is deceptive like Kibaki and his regime is certainly corrupt than all the previous three combined. Public information available from the auditor general’s office (which is a government agency by the way) reveals that Kenya loses well over 40% of its budget to corruption. That is staggering. That level of public thievery cannot instantly be just fine because Uhuru shook a hand with Raila and they ended their political enmity. The handshake did not mean Kenya is now better governed. The problem of governance in Kenya remains wanting; the ineptness of Uhuru remains intact and public theft has even surged now that Raila who used to speak up has been shut by the handshake. So, when the very same characters that the people of Kenya gave the mandate through an election to, among others, check government through Parliamentary oversight, go to funerals and declare they will defend the president and the presidency, ‘at all costs’ then you know that we do have a huge a problem.

The Handshake Augmented Kenyatta's Inept and Corrupt Regime The Handshake Augmented Kenyatta's Inept and Corrupt Regime Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on January 13, 2019 Rating: 5

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