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The Migingo Island Dispute Lingers on

So, speaking about the long-standing issue in Lake Victoria, specifically the disputed Migingo island, Kenya’s now so called ‘Super Minster’, a Mr. Fred Matiang’i says ‘our friends should not think that because we are humble, we are not able, we are going to step up and show them that we are able.’ Not sure what to expect and the implications, of whatever abilities Kenya and Uganda have, on the East African Community (EAC) integration process. We fight over a ‘piece of rock’ on a Lake named after a foreign Queen yet in Arusha we sustain a rhetoric of a community and dream of confederation, federation etc. By the way, what exactly is underneath this Migingo rock? I hope someone will ever conduct some study on that piece of rock so that we do not sustain this conclusion that nations are ‘fighting’ over some mere rock. I have heard theories about fish deposits around the island but it appears there could be more than just fish!

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