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Uhuru and Ruto's Split is Imminent: But Were they Friends Anyway?

There is talk about Uhuru Kenyatta betraying William Ruto etc. I have seen a friend argue that Uhuru is keeping friends close and enemies closer. Enemies in this regard exemplified by Raila Odinga and friends by Ruto. This got me thinking if Uhuru and Ruto have ever been friends. Who really thinks that Ruto has ever been a friend of Uhuru? I do not think so. If I remember well Ruto and Uhuru only came together conveniently sometimes in 2012 because of ICC cases. It was an awkward political compromise which largely was not about Kenya but about their selfish interests. They knew that if they captured state power, they would easily meddle in the ICC cases and scuttle them and hence use state machinery to insulate themselves from charges of crimes against humanity that they both were accused of. And so they simply set out to do exactly that. Being a rich man that he is and coming from a wealthy family and global business networks, Uhuru went on to sponsor one of the most expensive election campaigns in Kenya’s history and finally managed to rig hence capturing state power against the will of a vast majority of Kenyans. All reports about how flawed Kenya’s 2013 election was are public.

With memories of 2007, Kenyans were herded into believing that ‘peace was all they wanted’ and so we saw peace journalism, we saw the ‘we need peace alive’ concerts etc. As the public was hoodwinked into a demand for ‘peace’ at all costs and in exchange of everything including soverign power the Uhuruto duo were engaged in dirty machinations that saw them capture the State - quite literally so. They went on to invest all state power and resources into dealing with the ICC cases. What had been argued to be ‘personal challenges’ fast mutated into a national challenge once Uhuru was sworn in. Just as Ruto knew that Uhuru had saved him so did Uhuru know that Ruto saved him in the simple logic that Ruto rallied his Kelenjin nation and Uhuru his Kikuyu nation to vote together in support of (a wrong) Uhuruto ticket! These are the same nations (Kikuyu and Kalenjin) that were at the center of the 2007-8 post-election violence and to which both Ruto and Uhuru were accused of committing genocides against each other’s community. That was the biggest mistake because, it therefore, meant that the Kikuyu and Kalenjin never got an opportunity to be reconciled; they were herded together through an elite power-sharing pact from which they have known nothing but pain. Uhuru is a ‘cool’ but totally incompetent President. Ruto is an outright thief. Kenya was conned and so the country reels in the mistake committed in 2013. Throughout this period Uhuru could not mess Ruto since he needed him for a second term; now he does not need him but he has a community that will accuse him of exposing them to a lethal man. But Uhuru knows that, among others, he has allowed Ruto to steal for over 5 years so he may wish to blackmail him etc.

Whichever way it goes, the bottom line is the mistake was committed a while back. It was a big mistake and some of us spoke against that stupid move back then. It may take us some 50 or so years to rectify this political faltering and the mess that has come with it. Today, the Kikuyus in the Rift Valley and many in other parts including Central Kenya are held at ransom by Ruto and his men and so they may not have the luxury of making a conscious political choice during an election even when they (deep down) are fully aware that Ruto is a thief and thoroughly unfit to lead Kenya. But so what do you do when a mistake has been committed? You suffer the consequences.

Uhuru and Ruto's Split is Imminent: But Were they Friends Anyway? Uhuru and Ruto's Split is Imminent: But Were they Friends Anyway? Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on January 08, 2019 Rating: 5

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