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Develop the People not the Things

I am not very sure about the rest of the world but having carefully observed Kenyan politicians for about 2 decades, I can for sure claim that the way they measure progress is deeply problematic. I have often said that it is wrong to measure progress in terms of where you have come from as opposed to measuring it in terms of where you ought to be. During independence (that is 19 hundred and 63 folks) the Kenyan politician declared ‘war’ on poverty, ignorance and disease. These are issues to do with development of the people, not things. Uhuru Kenyatta's so called ‘big four’ of 2018 are still, apparently, a war on poverty, disease and ignorance. By all means we must be as humble as to agree that we long lost this so called war. Many Kenyans are as ignorant today as they were in 1963, many of them die of preventable and curable diseases and many of them are languishing in poverty. But what is more annoying with a Kenyan politician, starting with Uhuru Kenyatta, is that if you asked them what they have achieved over time, they will quickly start counting the kilometers of tarmac road they have constructed. They will tell you about the things and not about the people they have developed. And therein, ladies and gentlemen, is the problem.

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