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Devoid of State Formation and Nation Building the Handshake is Useless

Here is what I must have said and my friend decided to exercise his right to express himself. After, all, having posted this on social media, it was already a public and he had a right to give his opinion. All granted. This was my take.

I am one of the few Kenyans who never moved past and are still stuck in the 2017 shambolic elections. I resisted then, resist now and refuse to move on. I supported Raila Odinga until the day he decided to shake the hand with Uhuru Kenyatta, a criminal who not only stole an election but also killed and maimed many Kenyans including toddlers to retain power. It must not be lost in mind that Uhuru and Ruto’s illegitimate presidency is founded and build on blood of numerous innocent Kenyans. And that Uhuru is part of an elitist thieving clique of the failed post-colonial experiment called Kenya; a clique that has held the country hostage for half a century. The day the handshake debate will shift to 2007, 2013 and 2017, I will submit my memo during public participation forum. Hopefully there shall be one. Until the talk is about useless things like so called war on corruption and maendeleo, sorry Uhuru and Raila can take their so called handshake to the birds

And so my friend came up to tell me that I was wrong and went on to inform me about what he thinks are the major benefits of the handshake. The first, in his view, is that Kenya is now peaceful and, the the second is that today, more than ever, the country is witnessing a spirited fight on corruption. I disagreed with him on these two aspects. Radically so. On the first one, I stated categorically that Kenya is not peaceful at all. Mark ‘at all.’ I gave him some bibliography from whence to learn the definition of peace. On the so called war on corruption. Let’s be humble. It is a perfect representation of the proverbial smoke and mirrors thing. We will not achieve anything significant out of it. You don’t fight corruption when the lords of corruption are in power. Unless through magic and/or miracles, both of which are scarce these days. My parting shot was. We cannot do anything significantly meaningful to Kenya until and unless we form Kenya first. There is no nation called Kenya which we should invest in making peaceful or ridding of corruption. With half a century of failed state formation and nation building and over three decades of failed democratic transition, Kenya is just but a failed post-colonial experiment. Period. The moment the handshake reaches the agenda on how to get Kenya off the runway of democratic transition, for instance, by revisiting 2007-2017 and fundamentally addressing election theft and exorcising the ghost of election-related violence. The moment the handshake comes to the conversation around nation building, for instance, how to dignify the Kenyan identity and belonging, and addressing historical injustices including how Kenyatta and his cartel of thieves de-landed hundreds of thousands of Kenyans, starting with his own mothers and fathers, members of his Agikuyu nation, and made them, de facto, homeless people in their own home. The moment the handshake touches on state formation and fixing governance and creating a state formed by the people, which owes its existence to the people and works for the people. The moment these things are part of the conversation of the handshake, I am in. I reckon that once we are successful to a certain level in creating an entity called a Kenyan nation and a state that functions and serves its people, corruption will start fading away together with other evils that bedevil this colonial experiment and peace will start appearing. It is called climbing the tree from down and/or below depending on where you went to school. But. Uhuru and Raila are used to choppers. They seem to emerge from above. I am on the ground, not in the skies. Precisely why the handshake, as it is, means nothing to me.
Devoid of State Formation and Nation Building the Handshake is Useless Devoid of State Formation and Nation Building the Handshake is Useless Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on February 09, 2019 Rating: 5

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