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Wilkings Fadhili Exposes Kenyan Hollow Media

The Kenyan media, aka #GitheriMedia cannot even conduct basic background checks. In a desperate dash for cheap publicity and popularity, many guys in that space feed their audience every other trash that is peddled on the streets of Nairobi such as Wilkings Odinga Fadhili. Unfortunately, they have the power of the Camera and the mic so they have easily colonized a huge section of society. I have this lady friend who was obsessed with things like the Blaze. She could even sit to take notes. I remember telling her that that thing was perfect crap. She almost murdered me. Thanks God I survived and lived to tell the story. She is the one who has told me stuff about this Wilkings guy. She now thinks I was right and somehow she seems to be genuinely wondering how that kind of person could be allowed to feature in what she thinks was such a premier show. Yous see. She is mad about this particular guy featuring but somehow she still believes the show was/is premier. And that is where the trouble is. She is pretty much available for another episode of media conman/woman-ship now that she is already one of the hostages of the Kenyan media. And so she follows stuff by guys like Caroline Mutoko, Betty Kyalo etc. Honestly, premier things have nothing to do with these kinds of characters. What on earth can a young Kenyan woman possibly learn from something like a Ride with Betty Kyalo? Hell know!

Wilkings Fadhili Exposes Kenyan Hollow Media Wilkings Fadhili Exposes Kenyan Hollow Media Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on February 06, 2019 Rating: 5

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