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Africans should get over and done with the Decolonial Rhetoric

I occasionally complain about the ‘decolonization’ rhetoric especially prevalent in Africa particularly in the manner that it is framed. Things like colonial legacy as currently understood are sickening. What are we doing about those legacies? Look. I was born in the 80s; that was some 2 decades after my country apparently go ‘independence.’ Strictly speaking I was never colonized and if the people who fought and ‘won’ independence only established an alternative system, I would only be reading stories about historical colonialism not living it. But I am deeply colonized. I have suffered my entire life in the hands of oppressive systems created and manned by black Africans; Kenyan colonizers. European colonialism was horrible, it should never have happened but it is historical and should be left to be historical. Furthermore, it was never exclusively targeted on blacks and/or Africans. We must get over it already. We can't be stuck in the narrative of European colonial legacies forever. If there are legacies, it is largely because we are either unable or unwilling to fix them. And by the way, colonialism's internal logic is not any different from tribalism, ethnic profiling and many other identity-based hatred and oppression that we see in many parts of Africa. If a white man oppressed a black man because of color what makes it different from a Kikuyu man oppressing a Luo man because of his language; or a Munyankore oppressing a Muganda or a Dinka oppressing a Nuer? Or what is different if a man oppresses a woman because she is of different gender? For all I care is that, there are many Africans with colonial mentality just as European imperialists and that I am a victim of African colonialism than I am of historical European colonialism and even its variant of neocolonialism. Kenyan land grabbers are lethal than British I dare say. They even use the police to teargas school kids in order to grab school play grounds. Either we broaden and reframe the decolonization narrative to include all these other forms of oppression and then embark on actual decolonization journey or we vacate decolonization all together and get busy with something else.

Africans should get over and done with the Decolonial Rhetoric Africans should get over and done with the Decolonial Rhetoric Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on March 20, 2019 Rating: 5

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