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African Solutions to African Problems is a Sick Rhetoric

Another thing that I have been hostile to is the rhetoric of ‘African solutions to African problems.’ By the way what is an African problem; how does it look like? How should it be conceived, framed, communicated? Where exactly does Africa start and where does it end? Is Africa geographical; is it a state of being; is it a historical reality...how do you ‘uniquefy’ and locate certain human problems as African etc? Trouble. But away from that. The historical fact is that the concept ‘African solutions to African problems’ is actually a creation of the US. Yes. This concept was crafted by US officials as a means to justify withdrawal of American troops from regional conflict theaters. American soldiers having been killed and dragged on the streets of Mogadishu and having been humiliated in other parts of the African continent (just as is the case in other parts, like Vietnam etc) wanted to find a clever way of pulling their soldiers out of the continent and so the best way was to come up with the idea that 'you see Africa has come of age; the US does not need to impose its solutions on the continent etc hence it is time for Africans themselves to take on the responsibility of devising their own (home grown sound familiar?) African solutions etc. But those so called African problems were never African anyway; they are not and will never be. They were always and do remain global problems. Many people in America and in Europe and in Asia suffer from the same problems that many people in Africa suffer from. Colonialism affected everyone; when the global north was engaged in bloody wars including the great wars of the last century Africa was part of these dirty wars etc. The fact that Africa may have suffered the most from the consequences of such historical occurrences like colonialism and great wars and increasingly trade wars, does not translate to African problems. Humanity is suffering from wicked systems never to be confined to any geographical locations. Most of these political boundaries are artificial and nonsensical. So this useless chorus from the African Capital, Addis Ababa titled ‘African solutions to African problems is just that. A useless chorus. It is just a futile attempt by clueless savages misruling African nations in collaboration with their global counterparts to appear to instrumentalize this so called ‘African solutions’ as a kind of ‘self-help’ kind of thing which belongs in theater halls. Let's stop compartmentalizing world problems; they are human problems; let’s face them as problems of humanity and attempt solving them as such; collectively; globally.

African Solutions to African Problems is a Sick Rhetoric African Solutions to African Problems is a Sick Rhetoric Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on March 18, 2019 Rating: 5

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