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Is China Killing Africa?

Is there an African country that has an idea on how to ‘deal’ with China? Well, that is if there is need to ‘deal’ with China in Africa anyway. At least, there seems to be consensus that China and/or Chinese in Africa are engaged in the kind of business (illicit or otherwise) that basically kill the formative and fledgling industrialization in many parts of Africa. China is helping African governments to kill emerging industries. African markets are flooded with "cheap" Chinese everything. Why would anyone bother manufacturing anything on the continent if and when the market is so hostile in the sense that whatever you will produce will end up being expensive compared to the readily available Chinese version of the same product? And, then forget manufacturing. In fact, people are no longer even taking the trouble to fish. Why go catching fish when you can actually get cheap Chinese fish next door? I do not mean to say China is a problem in Africa, have I?

Talking about China, I recall something. When debating used to fun, I and a friend whose interest was China in Africa used to lazily talk about how China was slowly - but surely so - colonizing Africa. I have never heard from him ever since he got this prestigious scholarship and went for further studies in China. It reminds me of the US and Fulbright scholarships. History is a ghost; it always returns. The more modest way they say it, is that ‘history repeats itself.’

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