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Uhuru-Museveni Pact to give Uganda Rights to Own Land in Kenya

In Mombasa Museveni was talking of the importance of continental and regional integration while back in Kampala he is locked in a bitter and dangerous ‘quarrel’ with Kigali. It is called talking from two sides of the mouth. Then it is suspect and of deep concern that Uhuru wants to ‘allocate’ land to Uganda in Naivasha for the latter, apparently, to build a dry port. For anyone who knows anything about the history of ‘land allocation’ in Kenya you are clear in your mind where we are headed to. One of the reasons Kenyans created the National Land Commission (NLC) and made it a constitutional body was an attempt to address the destruction that the whole thing of ‘land allocation’ by Presidents, especially Kenyatta I and Moi, had brought about. Almost a decade later, that is since the new Constitution, and a president of Kenya is still talking of ‘land allocation’ in a manner that sounds unilateral and in a location (Naivasha) that is a hot spot. The president himself and his family have been said to have narrow economic interests in the so called dry port in Naivasha. The same dry port in Naivasha has in the near past been questioned by leaders from the Coastal, Nyanza and Western regions. As we speak thousands of Kenyans have been in an overdrive to purchase pieces of land in that place. Naivasha is an ethnic fault-line. The port in Naivasha and careless handling of land is a perfect way to brew a dangerous conflict. Later you will wonder why people are fighting. It is simply because of a series of un-thoughtful decisions by clueless chaps like Uhuru Kenyatta whose focus is narrow, quick and selfish material ends. Uhuru should remember (if he has the faculty to) that Kenya is reeling from how his bloody greedy dad mismanaged land, instead of using the available constitutional tools to right those wrongs, he is busy digging Kenya (carelessly so) deeper the muddy hole. And by the way, if the idea of the SGR is to reach Kampala why does Uganda need a dry port owned by Uganda somewhere inland Kenya?! How do you call that? Ushenzi may be? 

Uhuru-Museveni Pact to give Uganda Rights to Own Land in Kenya Uhuru-Museveni Pact to give Uganda Rights to Own Land in Kenya Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on March 29, 2019 Rating: 5

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