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After Bashir who next - Museveni Maybe?

Perhaps Ugandans are the most ‘easy’ people to strike a political conversation with. Sometimes all you need is just turn up in a public place or take a public means of transport and the debate will just pop up. But also never forget that Museveni’s intelligence has really penetrated this society. That bodaboda (motorcycle taxi) rider or groceries attendant who serves you could just be a state spy. Yes. That is simply it. I remember having worked with someone for several months only to realize he was a state functionary years later. But here is the thing. Museveni’s intelligence notwithstanding, Ugandans never shy away from debating serious political issues. Now. I have been to many strategic places, visited enough pubs and crisscrossed the city of Kampala since I came here 3 days ago. I have listened a lot and spoken less. El-Bashir’s fall coincided with my Kampala tour. A lot of Ugandans I have interacted with seem to think and/or suggest that Museveni is and/or should be next. Well. I don't know. But then. Museveni is a plague!

After Bashir who next - Museveni Maybe? After Bashir who next - Museveni Maybe? Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on May 09, 2019 Rating: 5

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