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Fellow Kenyans, Uhuru's Mess is not the Fault of the Kikuyus

This narrative that the Kikuyus voted for Uhuru and therefore are rightly suffering is really really sickening. It is more worrying looking at the quarters from which it is emanating. Look. In 2017, during the eve of the election, I and my friend Rikki Muko was during beer at Tamasha in Karen. We were at the famous fireplace (for those who know Tamasha) and then we were deep into the politics of the day. After all, the elections were happening the following day and some of us had reason to believe Uhuru would lose unless he rigged. I never doubted that Uhuru would lose that election. I still believe he lost. But what happened, happened. Today Uhuru is still in power. There are people who went for repeat elections. Some of us kept off. That was right. It was all about choice and that is democracy. Just because you never voted for Uhuru or that you never participated in the repeat charade that was called an election does not make you a better citizen neither does it confer on you entitlements including that of deciding who, in Kenya should rightly suffer from the governance crisis we are currently facing. Back to Tamasha. We lazily spoke about many political issues in Kenya. We took a tour of history, which among others brought us into the anamnesis of the 2007-8 ghost. We seemed to agree that 2017 was Raila Odinga’s time and that he needed to do everything in his power to ensure that his not robbed of his victory. That has always been his major challenge. Fellow Kenyans, Mr. Raila Odinga has been voted as President of the Republic of Kenya more than once. Disagreeing with this is an attempt to compete with the truth. Utapasuka! But then the other truth is that the same Raila has never been the President of the Republic of Kenya. The closest he came was Prime Minister in 2008-2013. I know my friend would disagree because he believes Raila is still the People's President of the Republic of Kenya. Whatever that is, it is fine. I do not disagree with what people choose to believe, you know. But back to the fire place at Tamasha. We agreed that Raila’s major headache was to secure his vote. But then he had consistently told the people that he would jealously guard his vote and that he would not return to the people to complain that “kimeibiwo.” We had every reason to believe him, after all, he had claimed he had “servers in the clouds” and that “wakirusha tunarusha” and stuff like that, you know. We seemed to enjoy our conversation until one Kamau (other name withheld) appeared. He is definitely a man of means, that night he rolled in with his V8 and he came straight to where we were (at the fire place) and actually offered to make the fire which he did pretty well. Kamau is good at making fire. Those who know him can agree to that. And he is such a likable guy really. I like Kamau. So we enjoyed better fire, thanks to him and then we had more beer and more talk. Kamau listened for a while as he quickly drained, at least 2 bottles of beer, then he declared that we were the biggest fools in town. He wondered how we would be so dump as to believe that “the Kikuyu can allow Raila to become president.” He put it as blank as that. He declared that Raila would only become President after killing all the Kikuyus. That was gross, I thought; I vigorously disputed. He swore. And then he declared he was coming from Bomas and that they (meaning Jubilee guys) had put everything in order and if the worst be the worst that Raila is declared President, then the military would take over power. Well. That was too heavy again. I still managed to engage him for a while until he became visibly drunk. Richard insisted that we needed to go. We had to relocate but then we had other challenges getting another bar along our route since apparently, led by Waititu there was this silent campaign that bars be closed early so that people do not drink and forget to vote the following day (yes as silly as it sounds, it actually happened). So, we finally found our way to my house and then we woke up really early to go and vote. I recall I was at the polling station by 4 am. Elections were held and the rest is a well-known history. 

So, recently I met Kamau. He is a bitter man. Very bitter with what Uhuru's second term has become. He complains about how business environment has become really bad. I did not find reason to remind him about the elections eve. Why? Because it is not necessary. It is not wise. I actually felt sorry for Kamau. One of his business ventures is importation of used cars and we know what policy government has been pushing lately. He is also into the transport sector (matatus and trucks and stuff like that). He is definitely affected by the current business environment In Kenya. We lazily talked about the handshake and corruption and Ruto and 2022. Then I had to be on my way. Here is the thing. Kenyans in their millions, regardless of their ethnicities or any other backgrounds, are suffering the economic hardships, thanks to Jubilee. You do not tell anybody that they deserve to suffer based on how they voted. It is SIMPLY WRONG and unadaptable! Voting Uhuru and Jubilee was a choice just as voting Raila and NASA was. Each of us made our own choices. Who told you the choice you made was better? Even those of us who voted Raila Odinga did a mistake. Or is Uhuru and Raila not busy enjoying their new-found friendship as we suffer? Who between Raila and my friend Kamua has privileged access to Statehouse? Who between Raila and my friend Kamau is reeling from the economic hardships? Kamau and myself are suffering from same problems and it is this suffering that should be a point of convergence regardless of the past political choices. We must come together and figure out how to get ourselves out of this huge mess that is Jubilee. Not every Kikuyu voted for Jubilee and even if they were to, it was a political contest with choices; they made a choice just as you and me made one. It breaks my heart when I see the narrative that seeks to justify the plight of an ordinary Kikuyu in the presence of a rogue regime led by Uhuru and his thugs. Fellow Kenyans, regardless of who you are and whom you voted for, let's unite and fight our real enemy - the inept and thieving Jubilee regime under Emperor Kenyatta II in collaboration with his new-found friend called Raila Amolo Odinga.

Fellow Kenyans, Uhuru's Mess is not the Fault of the Kikuyus Fellow Kenyans, Uhuru's Mess is not the Fault of the Kikuyus Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on May 10, 2019 Rating: 5

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