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History is what Dead White Men Say Happened

My Professor used to - often jokingly so - say that sometimes history is not what actually happened and how it exactly happened but what dead white men decided to say happened and how it happened. Sometimes you really got to wonder who decides what and how anything is told to generations and how history is packaged and transmitted. Until and unless you are able to search and discover for yourself, relying on what you learn in schools and hear in conversations of common folk, especially in the place where I was born and raised, you truly risk having a very suffocating world view. Unfortunately, that is exactly the kind of world in which a lot of people live in. They keep suffocating in measured truths and officially sanctioned histories. Now, for instance, if you asked kids in a random school in Kenya about the most genocidal rulers in recent history, a lot of them will surely tell you Hitler. But hey, Hitler may have murdered some 6 million Jews (he was truly genocidal) but King Leopold II of Belgium killed, at least, 10 million Congolese yet very few people know anything about it because it is never taught in any school I know of. That is exactly what an imperialist history does to generations and unfortunately that is the history being religiously taught by quasi-literate instructors who hardly interrogate what they teach (after all, the system is such that they simply cannot even if they had the will and/or potential to). In most cases you only learn about and only impart (if you are an instructor) what the imperial system (created by dead white men and sustained by their surrogates) decided happened and how it happened. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is history, books closed and on to science and technology, which in the gospel according to William Ruto (Kenya's Deputy President) is the most important.

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