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Huduma Namba is just a Shit Idea

Until now I have not understood what Huduma Namba really is or means. I doubt millions of Kenyans, including those who have since registered for it, do. It remains a strange and mysterious number. Everyone attempting to tell the public to register is talking about the supposed benefit of the number and not what it actually is. And then the said benefit is unfortunately a very tired line. Improved access to better public/government services. We have been told about improved access to and better government services since Kenya become into being. None of them has been forthcoming. On the other hand, Kenyans are actually being coerced into registering which aggravates the situation. The approach that government has used borders on threats. Why should Government of Kenya (GoK) be threatening its people to register for a strange number instead of rolling out civic education to help them understand whatever this number is and its said benefits so that they register out of knowledge as opposed to doing it out if fear?! And then. Why this hurry?! What makes this Huduma Namba so urgent that it must be done here and now?!

Huduma Namba is just one of those shit ideas that GoK comes up with every so often to steal and waste taxpayers’ money. Every explanation GoK gives about registration for the said number indicates that government can easily generate the said number using data that it holds already. And every other explanation that government gives in regard to the significance of the said number is sick and tired. Claiming that you want to give Kenyans some unique number so as to improve their access to and quality of public services is simply ridiculous. In the first place are those services to be easily accessed available?! Where are they? What mechanisms and programs are the GoK running to improve quality of services in Kenya? Last time I checked Uhuru’s government was only busy borrowing and stealing; not improving any services. Huduma Namba is just theft of billions of Kenyan shilling that is unfolding in our own eyes. Period.

Huduma Namba is just a Shit Idea Huduma Namba is just a Shit Idea Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on May 18, 2019 Rating: 5

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