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Of Kenya's Terrifying Homophobia

Fellow ‘Christian’ Kenyans, when the Muslin community was agitating for the Kadhis courts you were quick to tell them not to bring religious matters into the public (state) sphere. I thought that was right because Kenya is a secular state. But what happened?! These days you are celebrating the high court’s erroneous ruling that upholds an archaic legislation against gay rights. And then you shamelessly argue you are opposed to LGBT rights because it is against Christian teaching? And, somehow you cannot see the contradiction? Leave that aside. Can we agree that we cannot legislate morality? If yes then kindly let’s leave our LGBT brothers and sisters alone. And oh, if we are going to insist that homosexuality and rights related to the same should be illegal because it is sinful then what about we also illegalize the myriad of other sexual sins as well? Surely, for us to be consistent we need to illegalize sins like adultery, fornication, masturbation etc. Or is this not logical? In fact adultery, unlike homosexuality, is expressly prohibited in the Ten Commandments. Plus, I know for a fact, that we actually have more adulterous men and women in Kenya than we do homosexual. Or is this about sins of convenience?! And then, for those saying we need to legislate against homosexuality because it is unnatural, fair enough, I want you to count from one and tell me the highest number you will hit before you have someone who is purportedly straight but who at the same time enjoys anal sex with their spouses of the opposed gender. Or that is natural? Oh, how many of you indulge in oral sex (BJ you know) etc? That is perfectly natural but homosexuality is not. Let’s agree that we do have a problem. You bask in some strange ecstasy of ignorance and you certainly live a life of dubious beliefs punctuated with endless contradictions. That is why I do not take you seriously.

And what became of the Christian call to love and respect everyone including those we (unfortunately judge) perceive as sinners? Is this not what Jesus of Nazareth taught when he mingled ate with the perceived public sinners like prostitutes and tax collectors? Didn’t he teach us to love everyone regardless their status? Why this phobia and open hatred of our LGBT brothers and sisters? When did we decide they are the worst sinners whom we must even pass laws against? And then brethren, there is nothing foreign about homosexuality, there is sufficient evidence that homosexual practices existed in many African communities for hundreds or even thousands of years. If you are a Christian you know that there were stories of homosexuality in Sodom and Gomorrah of old. It is not something that is uniquely modern liberal western as we package it. And if we insist homosexuality is Western as we purport and against Christian values then we have already forgotten that the same Christianity is actually Western. Homophobia is a killer. I cannot imagine how much we lose by clinging to this hatred and fear of people who have sex differently. For example, this has coincided with the passing on of one of the greatest African thinkers and author, Binyavanga Wainana. He continually decried the rampant inability to imagine. Look, Binyavanga lived half the life of Chinua Achebe but he achieved as much as Achebe if you ask me. But you see, Achebe;s work is widely accepted, Binyavanga's is not. And you know why. Because he was gay. It is really disturbing that works of great thinkers like Binyavanga have not been widely accepted and may not be as they should, just simply because the poor guy was gay. That is how damaging homophobia can get. It is a social malady that we must acknowledge and address. And then, imagine we even now know how fluid sexual orientation is. We do have studies teaching us how difficult , perharps impossible it is to draw a line between being straight and being guy. In fact, findings seem to suggest that straight people may not be existing, after all.https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/ypa7vk/straight-people-dont-exist-new-research-says?utm_source=dmfb&fbclid=IwAR2h51i_3mj5IjYUA1vr5lGkvoYvpUrLn_m7jmQqkWeLN5Vmruif89oNmds

The bottom line is. If we can agree on two things then this sick debate on LGBT will end. One is that we CANNOT legislate morality. Two is that we need to learn to respect the boundary between religion and the state. If Kenya is a secular state that it is, let us accept that citizens of Kenya regardless of how they believe, behave, love, have sex etc have a right to enjoy the Constitutional freedoms. And for the record I am not gay and I am a practicing Catholic. May God have mercy on you who is busy judging others because they belief, act, and feel differently than you do. I will continue loving and embracing LGBT brothers and sisters and I support their cause to be free and enjoy their rights in their own country for indeed those rights and freedoms are enshrined in Kenya’s Constitution 2010. It is sad that they must be fighting for rights that they, like any other citizen, should enjoy naturally. It is sad that we live in a country where we (men and women of faith) find it in our religious practices to tolerate, accommodate and even embrace what I would say are worse sinners like mass murderers but we seem to have a huge problem with accepting gay people because of what they do in the secrecy of their bedrooms.

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