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There is nothing in Life that is not Debatable

There is no topic in human life that is too hard to debate. These things such as that, this is a discussion that is too hard to start; ooh let’s not debate this or that blah blah, are surely misleading and misplaced. Folks. Even on your dead-bed medics will most likely be debating on what medication to apply or procedure to perform. Apparently even God and Satan will debate over where your poor soul belongs in the final judgement. Or is that not exactly how it has been depicted by religion? In fact, the Egyptian mythology captures final judgment real well. I love it. It entails a process through which your heart will be weighed against a feather and if it is heavier than the feather then you were a wicked person and your heart will be eaten by the wolf and if your heart is lighter or equal to the feather it means you were a righteous person and hence you go to life (join the Pharaoh’s, no?). But that process equally includes a number of people accusing and/or pleading for you. They will be debating. You know. Others saying how good you were and others how evil you were. Now. If issues such as those pertaining to life and death including eternal damnation can be debated, why on earth can't we debate anything else in this life?!

There is nothing in Life that is not Debatable There is nothing in Life that is not Debatable Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on May 17, 2019 Rating: 5

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