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Uhuru Kenyatta opens up Kenya for Africans

Opening the borders is not a bad thing at all but if you know your government well, you have every reason to be worried about Uhuru's gift of Kenya to Africans. Long time ago there was a Doctors' strike in Kenya where the officials were jailed by Jubilee; long time ago there was one of the longest strikes by nurses in Kenya's history and Jubilee catastrophically handled that strike; long time ago there were frequent strikes by teachers, long time ago there was a strike by university lecturers (I am told it is on!). These are many strikes with similar characteristics. I wish to remind people that during the Doctors's strike the government went on to threaten the striking doctors with claims it would hire cheaper doctors from other countries - including Tanzania. It is open secret that foreign workers are often easier to manipulate and exploit, that's why your despotic regime is opening borders - not necessarily because it is a kind government. It will be cheaper paying teachers and doctors and nurses from many African countries especially those in conflict etc and this is certainly going to cause a lot of trouble in the labour market in Kenya and the result will be disastrous. Good students of history will attest that this is exactly how the foundation for xenophobia is laid anywhere. It does not mean opening borders is a bad thing but it requires careful thoughts and robust policy ecosystem. Surely, it cannot be a gift granted at a coronation ritual!
Uhuru Kenyatta opens up Kenya for Africans Uhuru Kenyatta opens up Kenya for Africans Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on June 19, 2019 Rating: 5

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