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Safaricom is all about a 'Club of Boys'

So on the one hand we have been told how great Mr. Bob Collymore (RIP) was, how he engaged in a people-centred leadership, mentorship etc. On the other, apparently there is nobody at Safaricom who can actually replace him following his death in office. So Safaricom had to recycle its semi-retired former CEO, Mr. Michael Joseph, who has actually (still is) looting Kenya Airways (KQ) where, as Board Chair, he shamelessly pockets Ksh. 3 million per month from a loss-making airline. That speaks tones. Sfaricom is just but a "Club of Boys." But this aside, it should actually bother any reasonable Kenyan that a lot of Kenyans seem to laud Safaricom for going for Michael Joseph claiming that no Kenyan should be appointment to that position apparently because a Kenyan will loot the company to death. Get it. Kenyans are busy claiming that Kenyans are only good at thieving. If that doesn't worry you, then you have a ghost to deal with.

Safaricom is all about a 'Club of Boys' Safaricom is all about a 'Club of Boys' Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on July 05, 2019 Rating: 5

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