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The Death of Bob Collymore Has Exposed Part of Kenya's Problem

The death of Safaricom’s CEO, the late Bob Collymore (RIP), has exposed few important things about the Kenyan society. If you want to know one of the reasons why Kenya is stuck, just spend enough time reading the tributes to the late Corporate head. The man has been literally canonized yet we have a huge problem as a country with the neoliberal system that he stood and worked for. I have not slightest problem with Mr. Collymore as a person, after all, he actually comes across as a nice guy, but I do have a huge problem with what he stood for. When you are in a country like Kenya with serious neo-liberal problem and then suddenly a corporate head dies and you discover that actually there is a group of “boys clubs” bringing together middle aged privileged corporate heads, politicians and media personalities then you know that there is a huge trouble. It is even more worrying that a lot of Kenyans seem to suggest that such things as that so called “boys club” embodies what ideal and/or good life should look like. When you see people celebrate things as flawed as “boys clubs” of that nature, even with all its overt sexism then you know that society is in trouble. 

Having mourned Mr. Collymore, I wish to state that he was not this Angel that he is being claimed to have been (I am criticizing him as a corporate leader not as a person). The late Collymore was one of the best representatives of a lethal neoliberal network headquartered in London and spread globally. All what we had seen and heard since his passing on has reveelaed this and should deeply concern any reasonable Kenyan. He led Safaricom, not only into a super thieving institution structurally designed to exploit and grossly abuse the people and their rights but also into an outfit that even meddles in elections to subvert the sovereign will of the people of Kenya. He led Safaricom into number one ally of the state in official crimes premised on governmentality particularly regarding a vicious ‘securitization’ enterprise in which government decides how to control people and even determine who lives how and who dies when and how. Even in his death, we must be courageous to say that in his life Mr. Collymore stood for and worked for a wrong cause; he was a guy leading a structurally exploitative entity and collaborating with bad government on bad programs for bad ends. Failure to say this, as people like Raila Odinga have, amounts to nothing but sheer hypocrisy.

The Death of Bob Collymore Has Exposed Part of Kenya's Problem The Death of Bob Collymore Has Exposed Part of Kenya's Problem Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on July 05, 2019 Rating: 5

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