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Why Can't we Let Kenyan Tribes Be?

Whoever created and spread the notion that Kenya's key (perhaps only) problem is tribalism and/or negative ethnicity which we must spend our entire abilities and time fighting is infested with bugs. I am yet to understand why tribalism is necessarily wrong if it is derived from a tribe. We may not destroy so called tribalism without destroying a people because people are essentially tribal. Adding ‘ism’ does not necessarily turn identity into a negative factor. I am still unable to comprehend ethnicity as negative (so called negative ethnicity). If ethnicity resides in the realm of identity, how on this hard earth do we then decide that people's identities can be negative? Why should we add negative to ethnicity? What warrants this combination? Do people disagree and/or fight because of tribes and/or ethnicities or do they actually do it because of resources, power etc? What about we stop such madness as fighting tribalism and negative ethnicity and start enabling Kenya's tribes to negotiate for political power and access and/or control of resources as tribes. They should be allowed and empowered to find working formula through which to continuously - and nonviolently so - juggle accommodation and coexistence. It is all a relational issue; never a structural one. No amount of constitutional changes with make Kikuyus not want to dominate and control. No amount of institutions and structures of governance will make the Luo not want to wrestle power from the Kikuyus. If you are Kenyan from another tribe and want to coexist with me in this artificial space we call Kenya, never tell me to be proudly Kenyan for indeed there is hardly anything Kenyan to be proud of. Find a way to negotiate with me (a Kisii man) and let's strike a workable formula of coexisting nonviolently

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