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Why Suing King Kaka Makes Anne Waiguru too Ugly

I am not too enthusiastic about King Kaka’s #WajinganiNyinyi hit. Not because it doesn’t mean anything but because we have had quite a bit of artistic articulations (from songs to film to cartoons) revealing what exactly ails Kenya but such artistic pieces have really never bricked the conscience of Kenyans and/or resulted in anything significant as far as Kenya's political process is concerned. I don’t think King Kaka’s will either. Nevertheless, it is a powerful addition to the toolbox of the struggle. When Kenyans finally mature and decide to take on the corrupt elite, we surely shall use these tools to organize, mobilize and motivate. Having said that. I think Anne Waiguru’s decision to sue (if that is the case) King Kaka makes her look too ugly (corrupt + not clever). When you know that you are as corrupt as Anne, you shouldn’t race against facts. You look really ugly. Surely, every Kenyan of sound mind knows that Josephine Kabura, an air dresser, carried taxpayers' hard-earned money in sacks and that she clearly, through a sworn affidavit, linked Waiguru to the #NYSScandal. Most importantly it is not lost in the minds of any reasonable Kenyans that NYS looting unfolded when Waiguru was Cabinet Secretary for Devolution, a ministry in which NYS was domiciled. She surely cannot prohibit and/or scare away Kenyans, artists or otherwise, from remembering and/or talking about these historical facts. We surely haven’t forgotten that during her tenure at the helm of the said ministry an audit report indicated that ball-pens were procured at Ksh. 8,710. We haven’t forgotten the condom dispensers and all the rot that was in that ministry from which she resigned citing “health concerns” and claiming she needed to take up “lighter duties" only to go for position of governor (with wajinga wa Kirinyaga voting her) which by far is more demanding than heading a ministry. Ambia Anne that a lot of us know that yeye ni mwizi. Awachene na King Kaka. Suing King Kaka ni ushenzi kabisa

Why Suing King Kaka Makes Anne Waiguru too Ugly Why Suing King Kaka Makes Anne Waiguru too Ugly Reviewed by Ibrahim Magara on December 17, 2019 Rating: 5

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